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Our Research, Education, and Discovery Blog is a showcase for our work as well as the basic science behind what we do. Here we invite readers to explore the worlds of transfusion and transplantation science and learn more about how our research leads to improved everyday practices and ultimately – and most importantly – better outcomes for patients. 

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Mardi, octobre 16, 2018
Jenny Ryan

Get to know Dr. Chantale Pambrun, Director, Canadian Blood Services’ Centre for Innovation Previously led by Judie Leach Bennet, who joined the executive management team as Vice-President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Dr. Chantale Pambrun took over as Director of the Centre for...

Mercredi, octobre 10, 2018
Dr. Geraldine Walsh

Our latest Centre for Innovation ResearchUnit is a collaborative effort between Centre for Innovation adjunct scientist, Dr. Jelena Holovati , and Canadian Blood Services scientists, Dr. Donald Branch and Dr. Jason Acker . For patients with rare blood types, we perform cross-matching tests to match...

Mardi, octobre 02, 2018
Dr. Geraldine Walsh

Do you suffer from FOMO? Fear of missing out! Fear no more, the event page on Canadian Blood Services' professional education website has you covered! This is your one-stop shop to learn more about local, national and international education events covering blood, plasma and transfusion, organ and...

Mardi, septembre 11, 2018
Dr. Geraldine Walsh

Research day celebrates the end of summer and close of the Centre for Blood Research Summer Studentship Program. This year's keynote speaker, Dr. Farah Alibay, an aerospace engineer with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Los Angeles spoke of her work on the Mars InSight mission.

Mardi, septembre 04, 2018
Dr. Geraldine Walsh

This week, we connected with Dr. Jelena Holovati about her work as a Canadian Blood Services adjunct scientist and her role as laboratory director of the Edmonton Stem Cell Manufacturing Program. Where do you work and what is your role? I’m an associate professor in the department of laboratory...

Mercredi, août 29, 2018
Dr. Geraldine Walsh

Exciting research from the University of British Columbia could make it easier to match blood to patients, by turning all blood into type O, the universal donor. This work was just presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston, and has created quite a buzz. I chatted to our...

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