Aujourd’hui, devenez un partenaire!

Des centaines d’organisations, d’associations, d’entreprises et d’écoles au pays ont déjà rejoint les rangs de nos partenaires pour redonner la vie. Grâce à notre programme, vous pourrez faire des dons collectifs, organiser une collecte de sang pendant toute une journée, sensibiliser votre public aux besoins des patients ou encore fixer un objectif annuel de dons : nos partenaires donnent du sang, font du bénévolat et s’inscrivent comme donneurs de cellules souches.

Partner FAQs


How do I register to become a partner?

Register your organization in four easy steps.   

  1. Complete the partner registration form online. 
  2. After you submit your form, one of our representatives will be in touch with you to get your team started. We will help determine the best way for your organization to get involved. We do encourage our corporate and government partners, when possible, to allow employees to donate during business hours. Having that type of support will go a long way to ensuring your team’s success. 
  3. If you set an annual pledge, be sure to communicate your goals to your employees, members and/or stakeholders.  
  4. Ask us for help. We are here to provide support and make it easy for our partners! 
My organization has committed to annual pledge. How I do I join my organization’s team?

If your organization is registered for an annual donation pledge, your team’s champion will provide you with your partner ID by email. If you didn’t receive a partner ID or don’t know who your champion is, you can contact us directly at to request your partner ID. 

Note that you only need to register if your organization sets an annual goal and you want to count your donations towards that goal. Not all partners set an annual pledge.

I have my partner ID. What next? 

Join a team! Register as a member online. You only need to register once. During your registration, you will have the opportunity to link your past and future blood donations at Canadian Blood Services to your organization’s Partners for Life account. No matter where you donate across the country, your donation will count towards your organization’s pledge. 

Book your appointment to donate blood, plasma or platelets. If you’re not sure about your eligibility to donate visit our eligibility page to learn more. If your team has pledged to register stem cell donors, you can learn all about stem cell eligibility and registration online.  

Spread the word! As a Partners for Life member, be proud of your efforts. Encourage your coworkers, friends and family to get involved. Raise awareness by sharing your organization’s efforts on social media. Let everyone know that you have committed to save lives!

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