Cord blood donation process

Cord blood is the least invasive method of donating stem cells requiring no surgery or the withdrawal of blood intravenously. Cord blood collection begins after the safe arrival of a healthy baby. The process is safe, painless, poses minimal risk to the mother and baby, and only takes three to five minutes.  

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Step 1

Get informed. Review our cord blood information kit online and talk to your healthcare provider about donating cord blood.  

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Step 2

Complete your registration. You can register online or download the forms from our website to register. Online registration is currently available in English and French. Downloadable registration information and forms are also available in English, French, Punjabi and Chinese. If you need translation services in other languages, please email us at for assistance.   

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Step 3

Consent to donate. If you registered online, your consent to donate cord blood is submitted electronically. If you downloaded a form to register, please give your healthcare provider your completed form (with signed consent) during one of your prenatal visits, or bring it with you to your delivery. This will help inform your delivery team that you wish to donate cord blood. 

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Step 4

Collecting cord blood. Your baby’s cord blood will be collected at the hospital ex utero (outside of the uterus) after your baby and umbilical cord have been delivered. Your donated cord blood will be drawn from your umbilical cord using a sterile needle.

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Step 5

Final step. If your cord blood unit qualifies, a nurse will visit you to collect additional information before you leave the hospital. This includes  

  1. A second consent 

  1. Blood work and  

  1. A questionnaire.  

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