Obtaining Cord Blood Products for Research

Fresh unprocessed cord blood units and frozen processed cord blood units are currently available for research and for distribution to approved research projects. These units are distributed with limited donor information. Download the cord blood products for research specifications (PDF) and view the lay summaries of approved research projects.

The consent for research is obtained by Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank as part of the bank collection process, not by researchers. The research option is presented to women delivering at  our Partnered Collection Site Hospitals on the Permission to Collect form. A primer has been developed to help Research Ethics Boards (REBs) identify and address common issues faced by REBs when reviewing protocols for cord blood donation for biomedical research use. Only cord blood products that do not meet the criteria for storage in the Cord Blood Bank are available for distribution to researchers.

To have access to cord blood for research via the Cord Blood for Research Program, please see how to apply for cord blood for research. Once an application is successful, applicants may then place orders for cord blood products for research as needed.