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An international investigation into AB plasma administration in hospitals: how many AB plasma units were infused? The HABSWIN study Zeller MP, Barty R, Dunbar NM, Elahie A, Flanagan P, Garritsen H, Kutner JM, Pagano MB, Poglod R, Rogers TS, Staves J, van Wordragen-Vlaswinkel M, Zwaginga JJ, Murphy MF, Heddle NM, Yazer MH 2018 Transfusion Health care providers
Mechanisms of action and immunomodulation by IVIg Khan R, Lazarus A 2018 Antibody Therapy: Substitution - Immunomodulation - Monoclonal Immunotherapy Health care providers
ABO zygosity, but not secretor or Fc receptor status, is a significant risk factor for IVIG-associated hemolysis Branch DR, Hellberg Å, Bruggeman CW, Storry JR, Sakac D, Blacquiere M, Tong TN, Burke-Murphy E, Binnington B, Parmar N, Riden LS, Willie K, Armali C, Aziz J, Lieberman L, Laroche V, Callum J, Lin Y, Shehata N, Pavenski K, Lau W, Hannach B, Kuijpers TW, Olsson ML, Cserti-Gazdewich C, Pendergrast J 2018 Blood Health care providers
Concentré de recherche: Un modèle de changement : prédiction de l'impact d'améliorations à l'échelle du système Blake J 2018 Blood.ca website Other
Fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia: Novel mechanisms of miscarriage learned from placental pathology in animal models Yougbaré I, Zdravic D, Ni H 2018 J Pediatr Pediatr Med Researchers
Pathogen inactivation strategies to improve blood safety: Let’s not throw pathogen-reduced platelets out with their bath water Devine DV 2018 JAMA Oncol Health care providers
Development of antifouling and bactericidal coatings for platelet storage bags using dopamine chemistry Hadjesfandiari N, Weinhart M, Kizhakkedathu JN, Haag R, Brooks DE 2018 Adv Healthc Mater Researchers
Label-free assessment of red blood cell storage lesions by deep learning Doan M, Sebastian JA, Pinto PN, McQuin C, Goodman A, Wolkenhauer O, Parsons MJ, Acker JP, Rees P, Hennig H, Kolios MC, Carpenter AE 2018 bioRxiv Researchers
Transfusion-associated circulatory overload prevention: a retrospective observational study of diuretic use Lin Y, Cohen R, Armali C, Callum J, Cserti-Gazdewich C, Lieberman L, Pendergrast J 2018 Vox Sang Researchers
Cancer and platelet crosstalk: opportunities and challenges for aspirin and other anti-platelet agents Xu XR, Yousef GM, Ni H 2018 Blood Researchers
Concentré de recherche: Vers une uniformisation des politiques d'exclusion du don de sang et de plasma Goldman M, O'Brien S, Devine D 2018 Blood.ca website Other
Current practices in perioperative blood management for patients undergoing liver resection: a survey of surgeons and anesthesiologists Bennett S, Ayoub A, Tran A, English S, Tinmouth A, McIsaac DI, Fergusson D, Martel G 2018 Transfusion Health care providers
Impact of blood manufacturing and donor characteristics on membrane water permeability and in vitro quality parameters during hypothermic storage of red blood cells Alshalani A, Howell A, Acker JP 2018 Cryobiology Researchers
Platelet immunobiology: platelets as prey and predator Kapur R, Semple JW 2018 ISBT Sci Ser Researchers
Risk of acute kidney injury in patients randomized to a restrictive versus liberal approach to red blood cell transfusion in cardiac surgery: a substudy protocol of the transfusion requirements in cardiac surgery III noninferiority trial Garg AX, Shehata N, McGuinness S, Whitlock R, Fergusson D, Wald R, Parikh C, Bagshaw SM, Khanykin B, Gregory A, Syed S, Hare GMT, Cuerden MS, Thorpe KE, Hall J, Verma S, Roshanov PS, Sontrop JM, Mazer CD 2018 Can J Kidney Health Dis Researchers
Blood and clots series: How can I tell whether this patient has a deep vein thrombosis? de Wit K 2018 CanadiEM website Health care providers
Routine screening method for microparticles in platelet transfusions Millar D, Murphy L, Labrie A, Maurer-Spurej E 2018 J Vis Exp Health care providers
Long-term graft function following autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation and the impact of preemptive plerixafor in predicted poor mobilizers Visram A, Bredeson C, Allan D, Sabloff M, Huebsch L, Tay J, Kekre N, McDiarmid S, Mallick R, Tinmouth A, Martin L, Hamelin L, Maze D 2018 Blood Cancer J Health care providers
A large national study of ferritin testing in Canadian blood donors Goldman M, Uzicanin S, Osmond L, Scalia V, O'Brien SF 2017 Transfusion Blood operators
Acid sphingomyelinase mediates murine acute lung injury following transfusion of aged platelets McVey MJ, Kim M, Tabuchi A, Srbely V, Japtok L, Arenz C, Rotstein O, Kleuser B, Semple JW, Kuebler WM 2017 Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol Researchers
Cardiorespiratory pathogenesis of sickle cell disease in a mouse model Ren J, Ding X, Trudel M, Greer JJ, MacLean JE 2017 Sci Rep Researchers
Clinical effectiveness of a Bayesian algorithm for the diagnosis and management of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia Raschke RA, Gallo T, Curry SC, Whiting T, Padilla-Jones A, Warkentin TE, Puri A 2017 J Thromb Haemost Health care providers
Determining the inventory impact of extended shelf life platelets with a network simulation model Blake J 2017 Transfusion Researchers
Platelet immunology in China: research and clinical applications Wu G, Zhou Y, Li L, Zhong Z, Li H, Li H, Yu M, Shen W, Ni H 2017 Transfus Med Rev Researchers
Renin-Angiotensin System Blockade and Long-term Clinical Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Hiremath S, Fergusson DA, Fergusson N, Bennett A, Knoll GA 2017 Am J Kidney Dis Researchers
Risk of exposure to blood products during pregnancy: guidance for Zika and other donor deferral policies Murphy MS, Shehata N, Colas JA, Chassé M, Fergusson DA, O'Brien SF, Goldman M, Tinmouth A, Forster AJ, Wilson K 2017 Transfusion Health care providers
Tailoring treatment of haemophilia B: accounting for the distribution and clearance of standard and extended half-life FIX concentrates Iorio A, Fischer K, Blanchette V, Rangarajan S, Young G, Morfini M 2017 Thromb Haemost Health care providers
Épreuves prétransfusionnelles Lane D 2017 Guide de la pratique transfusionnelle Health care providers
Concentré de recherche: Amélioration des résultats pour les patients présentant des troubles auto-immuns de la fonction plaquettaire Arnold D 2017 Blood.ca website Other
Dengue virus replication by platelets Pryzdial ELG, Sutherland MR, Simon AY 2017 ISBT Sci Ser Researchers
DJ-1/PARK7 Impairs Bacterial Clearance in Sepsis Amatullah H, Shan Y, Beauchamp BL, Gali PL, Gupta S, Maron-Gutierrez T, Speck ER, Fox-Robichaud AE, Tsang JLY, Mei SHJ, Mak TW, Rocco PRM, Semple JW, Zhang H, Hu P, Marshall JC, Stewart DJ, Harper M-E, Liaw PC, Liles WC, dos Santos CC, Canadian Critical Care Translational Biology Group (CCCTBG) 2017 Am J Respir Crit Care Med Researchers
Low levels of interleukin-10 in patients with transfusion-related acute lung injury Kapur R, Kim M, Rebetz J, Rondina MT, Porcelijn L, Semple JW 2017 Ann Transl Med Researchers
Prothrombin complex concentrate for emergent reversal of warfarin: an international survey of hospital protocols Gorlin J, Kinney S, Fung M, Tinmouth A 2017 Vox Sang Health care providers
Understanding iron depletion and overload in blood donors O'Brien SF, Goldman M 2017 ISBT Sci Ser Blood operators
Warfarin resumption following anticoagulant-associated intracranial hemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis Chai-Adisaksopha C, Iorio A, Hillis C, Siegal D, Witt DM, Schulman S, Crowther M 2017 Thromb Res Health care providers
Endothelial-Specific Deletion of Autophagy Related 7 (ATG7) Attenuates Arterial Thrombosis in Mice Yau JW, Singh KK, Hou Y, Lei X, Ramadan A, Quan A, Teoh H, Kuebler WM, Al-Omran M, Yanagawa B, Ni H, Verma S 2017 J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg Researchers
Experiences with semi-routine production of riboflavin and UV-B pathogen-inactivated platelet concentrates in three blood centres van der Meer PF, Couture C, Hervig T, Kruit G, Devine DV, de Korte D, Kerkhoffs JL 2017 Vox Sang Blood operators
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia Greinacher A, Warkentin T 2017 Practical Transfusion Medicine, 5th Edition Health care providers
IV immunoglobulin for autoimmune heparin-induced thrombocytopenia Ning S, Warkentin TE 2017 Chest Health care providers
Massive hemorrhage and emergency transfusion Trudeau J 2017 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers
Mitochondrial damage-associated molecular patterns in blood transfusion products Marcoux G, Boilard E 2017 ISBT Sci Ser Researchers
Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Mechanisms in Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) Zufferey A, Kapur R, Semple J 2017 J Clin Med Researchers
Pre-operative autologous donation Pambrun C 2017 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers
Reply to: Short-Term versus Long-Term Blood Storage Heddle N 2017 New Engl J Med Researchers
Audit of provincial IVIG Request Forms and efficacy documentation in four Ontario tertiary care centres Shih AW, Jamula E, Diep C, Lin Y, Armali C, Heddle NM, Traore A, Doherty J, Shah N, Hillis CM 2017 Transfus Med Health care providers
Integrin PSI domain has endogenous thiol isomerase function and is a novel target for anti-platelet therapy Zhu G, Zhang Q, Reddy EC, Carrim N, Chen Y, Xu XR, Xu M, Wang Y, Hou Y, Ma L, Li Y, Rui M, Petruzziello T, Lavalle C, Stratton TW, Lei X, Reheman A, Chen P, Zhu C, Wilkins JA, Hynes RO, Freedman J, Ni H 2017 Blood Researchers
ResearchUnit: Designing a new and improved drug to dissolve blood clots Pryzdial E 2017 Blood.ca website Other
Blood: the basics Chargé S, Hodgkinson KM 2017 Blood.ca website Health care providers
Concentré de recherche: Cellules tueuses naturelles : quand les cellule perdent le nord! Ni H 2017 Blood.ca website Other
Do we know if we deplete or treat the donor’s iron? Goldman M, Van den Burg P 2017 Transfusion Today Health care providers
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