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Updated June 2018

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In vivo clearance of alpha-1 acid glycoprotein is influenced by the extent of its N-linked glycosylation and by its interaction with the vessel wall McCurdy TR, Bhakta V, Eltringham-Smith LJ, Gataiance S, Fox-Robichaud AE, Sheffield WP 2012 J Biomed Biotechnol Researchers Basic research
Intravenous immunoglobulin prevents murine antibody-mediated acute lung injury at the level of neutrophil reactive oxygen species (ROS) production Semple JW, Kim M, Hou J, McVey M, Lee YJ, Tabuchi A, Kuebler WM, Chai ZW, Lazarus AH 2012 PLoS One Researchers Basic research
Plant food delphinidin-3-glucoside significantly inhibits platelet activation and thrombosis: novel protective roles against cardiovascular diseases Yang Y, Shi Z, Reheman A, Jin JW, Li C, Wang Y, Andrews MC, Chen P, Zhu G, Ling W, Ni H 2012 PLoS One Researchers Basic research
Application of the ADVIA cerebrospinal fluid assay to count residual red blood cells in blood components Culibrk B, Stone E, Levin E, Weiss S, Serrano K, Devine DV 2012 Vox Sang Health care providers New or improved product or process
Fanconi anemia proteins and their interacting partners: a molecular puzzle Kaddar T, Carreau M 2012 Anemia Researchers Basic research
Crosstalk between Platelets and the Immune System: Old Systems with New Discoveries Li C, Li J, Li Y, Lang S, Yougbare I, Zhu G, Chen P, Ni H 2012 Adv Hematol Researchers Basic research
The platelet "sugar high" in diabetes Ni H 2012 Blood Researchers Other
Synergistic effects of liposomes, trehalose, and hydroxyethyl starch for cryopreservation of human erythrocytes Stoll C, Holovati JL, Acker JP, Wolkers WF 2012 Biotechnol Prog Researchers New or improved product or process
Preparation of blood products for transfusion: is there a best method? Devine DV, Serrano K 2012 Biologicals Blood operators Other
Cationic liposome-mediated CXCR4 gene delivery into hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells: implications for clinical transplantation and gene therapy Gul-Uludag H, Xu P, Marquez-Curtis LA, Xing J, Janowska-Wieczorek A, Chen J 2012 Stem Cells Dev Researchers Basic research
Prothrombin complex concentrates reduce blood loss in murine coagulopathy induced by warfarin, but not in that induced by dabigatran etexilate Lambourne MD, Eltringham-Smith LJ, Gataiance S, Arnold DM, Crowther MA, Sheffield WP 2012 J Thromb Haemost Researchers Basic research
Quality of Red Blood Cells Isolated from Umbilical Cord Blood Stored at Room Temperature Zhurova M, Akabutu J, Acker J 2012 J Blood Transfus Researchers New or improved product or process
Rituximab maintenance for relapsed refractory thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura Bhagirath VC, Kelton JG, Moore J, Arnold DM 2012 Transfusion Health care providers Clinical research
Solving the dilemma of prevention of red cell alloimmunization Branch DR 2012 Immunotherapy Researchers Other
Frequency and risk factors for donor reactions in an anonymous blood donor survey Goldman M, Osmond L, Yi QL, Cameron-Choi K, O'Brien SF 2012 Transfusion Blood operators Other
Influence of architecture of high molecular weight linear and branched polyglycerols on their biocompatibility and biodistribution Imran ul-haq M, Lai BF, Chapanian R, Kizhakkedathu JN 2012 Biomaterials Researchers Basic research
A prospective study measuring the development of antibodies against platelet factor 4-heparin in healthy males after exposure to heparins Kelton JG, Warkentin TE, Moore JC, Arnold DM, Nazi I, Arepally GM, Roach JM, Fier I 2012 J Thromb Haemost Health care providers Clinical research
Measures to prevent transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) Reesink HW, Lee J, Keller A, Dennington P, Pink J, Holdsworth R, Schennach H, Goldman M, Petraszko T, Sun J, Meng Y, Qian K, Rehacek V, Turek P, Krusius T, Juvonen E, Tiberghien P, Legrand D, Semana G, Muller JY, Bux J, Reil A, Lin CK, Daly H, McSweeney E, Porretti L, Greppi N, Rebulla P, Okazaki H, Sanchez-Guerrero SA, Baptista-Gonzalez HA, Martinez-Murillo C, Guerra-Marquez A, Rodriguez-Moyado H, Middelburg RA, Wiersum-Osselton JC, Brand A, van Tilburg C, Dinesh D, Dagger J, Dunn P, Brojer E, Letowska M, Maslanka K, Lachert E, Uhrynowska M, Zhiburt E, Palfi M, Berlin G, Frey BM, Puig Rovira L, Muniz-Diaz E, Castro E, Chapman C, Green A, Massey E, Win N, Williamson L, Silliman CC, Chaffin DJ, Ambruso DR, Blumberg N, Tomasulo P, Land KJ, Norris PJ, Illoh OC, Davey RJ, Benjamin RJ, Eder AF, McLaughlin L, Kleinman S, Panzer S 2012 Vox Sang Blood operators Benchmarking and standard setting
Riboflavin and ultraviolet light treatment potentiates vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein Ser-239 phosphorylation in platelet concentrates during storage Schubert P, Culibrk B, Coupland D, Scammell K, Gyongyossy-Issa M, Devine DV 2012 Transfusion Researchers Basic research
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization and Homing after Transplantation: The Role of MMP-2, MMP-9, and MT1-MMP Shirvaikar N, Marquez-Curtis LA, Janowska-Wieczorek A 2012 Biochem Res Int Researchers Basic research
Establishment of the first International Repository for Transfusion-Relevant Bacteria Reference Strains: ISBT Working Party Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Diseases (WP-TTID), Subgroup on Bacteria Störmer M, Arroyo A, Brachert J, Carrero H, Devine D, Epstein JS, Gabriel C, Gelber C, Goodrich R, Hanschmann KM, Heath DG, Jacobs MR, Keil S, de Korte D, Lambrecht B, Lee CK, Marcelis J, Marschner S, McDonald C, McGuane S, McKee M, Müller TH, Muthivhi T, Pettersson A, Radziwon P, Ramirez-Arcos S, Reesink HW, Rojo J, Rood I, Schmidt M, Schneider CK, Seifried E, Sicker U, Wendel S, Wood EM, Yomtovian RA, Montag T 2012 Vox Sang Blood operators Benchmarking and standard setting
Strict anaerobic Staphylococcus saccharolyticus isolates recovered from contaminated platelet concentrates fail to multiply during platelet storage Ali H, Rood IG, de Korte D, Ramirez-Arcos S 2012 Transfusion Researchers Basic research
Membrane Type-1 Matrix Metalloproteinase Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Its Upregulation by Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Marquez-Curtis LA, Shirvaikar N, Turner AR, Mirza I, Surmawala A, Larratt LM, Janowska-Wieczorek A 2012 Cancers Researchers Basic research
Reduction of thrombus size in murine models of thrombosis following administration of recombinant alpha1-proteinase inhibitor mutant proteins Sheffield WP, Eltringham-Smith LJ, Bhakta V, Gataiance S 2012 Thromb Haemost Researchers Basic research
Immune thrombocytopenia: getting back to basics Arnold DM 2012 Am J Hematol Health care providers Other