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Plasma Protein Products




Plasma Protein Products

Tretten Optimal Dosing Form (2015-03-12)

Manufacturer Contact List (2016-02-29) PDF

Customer Table of Information (2016-11-28)


Product Comparison Tables

FVIII/vWF Products Comparison Table PDF
Hepatitis B Immune Globulin Comparison Table PDF
Intravenous Immune Globulins (2014-07-19) PDF
Subcutaneous Immune Globulins (2014-02-05) PDF
Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Comparison Table (2011-06-30) PDF

Immune Globulin Information

Immune Globulin Five Year Trend by Population PDF
Immune Globulin Provincial Comparison By Population 2016/17 vs. 2015/16 PDF
Immune Globulin Five Year Trend By 1,000 Grams PDF
Immune Globulin Provincial Comparison By Grams 2016/17 vs. 2015/16 PDF
Canadian Blood Services Overall Ig Issues (IV + SC) PDF