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How Do I Donate?

How Do I Donate Cord Blood?

Follow these steps to donate your baby’s cord blood:

Download and read the Cord Blood Donation kit: Ottawa (PDF) /  Brampton, Edmonton, Vancouver (PDF)

Give your completed consent form either to your healthcare provider during one of your prenatal visits, or bring it with you on your delivery day and tell your nurse you wish to donate.

Cord blood is collected in one of two ways:

  1. In utero — meaning your hospital physician or licensed midwife collects the cord blood after your baby is delivered, before the placenta is delivered
  2. Ex utero — meaning designated Canadian Blood Services personnel collect your cord blood after your baby and placenta have been delivered.

If your baby’s cord blood unit qualifies, a nurse may visit you to collect additional information before you leave the hospital which includes a second consent, blood work and a questionnaire.  Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank will follow up after two months and again in one year to ensure the health of your baby.

Donating Cord Blood for Research

If your cord blood donation does not meet the requirements for storage in Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank, it can still be put to important use in biomedical research — helping drive lifesaving medical discoveries. If you are delivering at The Ottawa Hospital (Civic Campus or General Campus), you can indicate your interest in donating your baby’s cord blood for research on your consent form.