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Donating Cord Blood for Research

Biomedical research on cord blood will increase our knowledge about current blood stem cell transplantation practices, as well as the current processes for collecting, manufacturing and storing cord blood. In addition, stem cells obtained from cord blood are being investigated in the development of new treatments for many diseases. Such stem cell research provides hope for more safe and effective medical therapies in the future. Other biomedical research, which does not relate to stem cells, may also be undertaken with cord blood and lead to new discoveries that may improve medical care in the future.

In partnership with The Ottawa Hospital, Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood for Research Program distributes cord blood products that do not meet the criteria for storage in Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank to approved research projects. Women who deliver at The Ottawa Hospital (General Campus) are given the option to consent to donate their baby’s cord blood for biomedical research. Women considering the research option are encouraged to read the Information for Cord Blood Donation for Biomedical Research pamphlet (PDF).

Research projects must be approved by the Cord Blood for Research Program. Lay summaries of approved research projects are posted here to provide donors with information on the type of research supported by the program. Research projects that promote advances in the fields of transfusion, cellular therapies, and transplantation medicine will be given priority in the distribution of cord blood products for research.


If you are a researcher and have questions about obtaining cord blood products for research, please contact us at: