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Updated June 2018

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Donner au suivant : pourquoi nous avons besoin que VOUS donniez du sang Callum J 2017 Blood.ca website Health care providers
Misdiagnosis of primary immune thrombocytopenia and frequency of bleeding: lessons from the McMaster ITP Registry Arnold DM, Nazy I, Clare R, Jaffer AM, Aubie B, Li N, Kelton JG 2017 Blood Adv Health care providers
Platelet count recovery and seroreversion in immune HIT despite continuation of heparin: further observations and literature review Shih AW, Sheppard JI, Warkentin TE 2017 Thromb Haemost Health care providers
ResearchUnit: Plasma residues enhance bacterial attachment to platelet storage bags Ramirez-Arcos S 2017 Blood.ca website Other
Use of cytomegalovirus (CMV) seronegative blood products Ryan J 2017 Blood.ca website Health care providers
Acute megakaryoblastic transformation from essential thrombocythemia Roshan TM, Rajput AB, Berardi P, Padmore R 2017 Hum Pathol Health care providers
An international investigation into O red blood cell unit administration in hospitals: the GRoup O Utilization Patterns (GROUP) study Zeller MP, Barty R, Aandahl A, Apelseth TO, Callum J, Dunbar NM, Elahie A, Garritsen H, Hancock H, Kutner JM, Manukian B, Mizuta S, Okuda M, Pagano MB, Poglod R, Rushford K, Selleng K, Sorensen CH, Sprogoe U, Staves J, Weiland T, Wendel S, Wood EM, van de Watering L, van Wordragen-Vlaswinkel M, Ziman A, Jan Zwaginga J, Murphy MF, Heddle NM, Yazer MH 2017 Transfusion Health care providers
Blood and clots quizlet 4: Antithrombotic Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation Tseng E, Shih A, de Wit K, Chan T 2017 CanadiEM website Health care providers
High-quality randomized controlled trials in pediatric critical care: a survey of barriers and facilitators Duffett M, Choong K, Foster J, Meade M, Menon K, Parker M, Cook DJ 2017 Pediatr Crit Care Med Researchers
Impact of amikacin on pseudothrombocytopenia Bokaei PB, Grabovsky D, Shehata N, Wang C 2017 Acta Haematol Health care providers
Nucleic acid extraction from buccal tissue for prediction of red blood cell phenotype Berardi P, Cote J, Clarke G, Scalia V, Liwski R, Goldman M 2017 Transfusion Researchers
Rapport de surveillance 2016 O'Brien SF 2017 Blood.ca website Other
The importance of iron for whole blood donors: a Canadian perspective Pambrun C, Goldman M 2017 Blood.ca website Health care providers
Bacterial Contamination Ramirez-Arcos S, Goldman M 2017 Practical Transfusion Medicine, 5th Edition Health care providers
Blood donor characteristics on transfusion outcomes-should obesity be assessed in future clinical trials?-reply Chasse M, Fergusson DA 2017 JAMA Intern Med Researchers
Effect on gene expression of three allelic variants in GATA motifs of ABO, RHD, and RHCE regulatory elements Fennell K, Hoffman R, Yoshida K, Iwamoto S, Govender L, Vather K, Sookraj A, Jentsch U, Pambrun C, McAuley C, Keller M, Ochoa-Garay G 2017 Transfusion Researchers
Microfluidic analysis of red blood cell deformability as a means to assess hemin-induced oxidative stress resulting from Plasmodium falciparum intraerythrocytic parasitism Matthews K, Duffy SP, Myrand-Lapierre M-E, Ang RR, Li L, Scott MD, Ma H 2017 Integr Biol Researchers
Our older population: donors as well as recipients? Goldman M, O'Brien S 2017 ISBT Sci Ser Health care providers
Point of care ultrasound in haemophilia: Building a strong foundation for clinical implementation Lawson W, Uy M, Strike K, Iorio A, Stein N, Koziol L, Chan A 2017 Haemophilia Health care providers
The effect of rituximab on anti-platelet autoantibody levels in patients with immune thrombocytopenia Arnold DM, Vrbensky JR, Karim N, Smith JW, Liu Y, Ivetic N, Kelton JG, Nazy I 2017 Br J Haematol Health care providers
Two cases of the variant RHD* DAU5 allele associated with maternal alloanti-D Duncan J, Nahirniak S, Onell R, Clarke G 2017 Immunohematology Health care providers
Vox Sanguinis international forum on platelet cryopreservation: summary Cohn CS, Dumont LJ, Lozano M, Marks D, Johnson L, Ismay S, Bondar N, T'Sas F, Yokoyama APH, Kutner JM, Acker J, Bohonek M, Sailliol A, Martinaud C, Poglod R, Antoniewicz-Papis J, Lachert E, Pun P, Lu J, Cid J, Guijarro F, Puig L, Gerber B, Alberio L, Schanz U, Buser A, Noorman F, Zoodsma M, van der Meer PF, de Korte D, Wagner S, O'Neill M 2017 Vox Sang Blood operators
A highly purified form of staphylococcal protein A alleviates murine immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) Kapur R, Catalina MD, Aslam R, Speck ER, Francovitch RF, Semple JW 2017 Br J Haematol Researchers
Alternative methods of blood donor skin disinfection Ramirez-Arcos S, Taha M, Kou Y, Goldman M 2017 Blood.ca website Blood operators
Circular of Information for the use of human blood components: Red Blood Cells, Leukocytes Reduced (LR) Jenkins C 2017 Blood.ca website Health care providers
Platelet desialylation correlates with efficacy of first-line therapies for immune thrombocytopenia Tao L, Zeng Q, Li J, Xu M, Wang J, Pan Y, Wang H, Tao Q, Chen Y, Peng J, Hou M, Jansen AJG, Ni H, Zhai Z 2017 J Hematol Oncol Researchers
Using pharmacokinetics to individualize hemophilia therapy Iorio A 2017 Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program Health care providers
An international survey on the role of the hospital transfusion committee Yazer MH, Lozano M, Fung M, Kutner J, Murphy MF, Oveland Apelseth T, Pogłód R, Selleng K, Tinmouth A, Wendel S, Yahalom V, on behalf of the BEST Collaborative 2017 Transfusion Health care providers
Blood and clots quizlet 5: Should I screen my patient for occult cancer after unprovoked VTE? Tseng E, Shih A, de Wit K, Chan T 2017 CanadiEM website Health care providers
Cell-based therapy using umbilical cord blood for novel indications in regenerative therapy and immune modulation: an updated systematic scoping review of the literature Rizk M, Aziz J, Shorr R, Allan DS 2017 Biol Blood Marrow Transplant Researchers
Early γ‐irradiation and subsequent storage of red cells in SAG‐M additive solution potentiate energy imbalance, microvesiculation and susceptibility to stress‐induced apoptotic cell death Qadri S, Chen D, Schubert P, Devine D, Sheffield W 2017 Vox Sang Researchers
Enlargement of the WHO international repository for platelet transfusion-relevant bacteria reference strains Spindler-Raffel E, Benjamin RJ, McDonald CP, Ramirez-Arcos S, Aplin K, Bekeredjian-Ding I, de Korte D, Gabriel C, Gathof B, Hanschmann KM, Hourfar K, Ingram C, Jacobs MR, Keil SD, Kou Y, Lambrecht B, Marcelis J, Mukhtar Z, Nagumo H, Niekerk T, Rojo J, Marschner S, Satake M, Seltsam A, Seifried E, Sharafat S, Stormer M, Sussner S, Wagner SJ, Yomtovian R 2017 Vox Sang Regulators
From cytokines to pragmatic designs: changing paradigms Heddle NM 2017 Transfusion Researchers
Problems with precaution: the transfusion medicine experience Wilson K, Atkinson KM, Fergusson DA, Brown A, Forster A, Murphy MS, Tinmouth AT, Keelan J 2017 J Risk Res Health care providers
ResearchUnit: Using immunocamouflage to increase transplantation safety Scott M 2017 Blood.ca website Other
The association between platelet transfusions and bleeding in critically ill patients with thrombocytopenia Arnold DM, Lauzier F, Albert M, Williamson D, Li N, Zarychanski R, Doig C, McIntyre L, Freitag A, Crowther M, Saunders L, Clarke F, Bellomo R, Qushmaq I, Lopes R, Heels-Ansdell D, Webert K, Cook D 2017 Res Pract Thromb Haemost Researchers
Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) Petraszko T 2017 Blood.ca website Health care providers
A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial evaluating clinical effects of platelet transfusion products: the Pathogen Reduction Evaluation and Predictive Analytical Rating Score (PREPAReS) trial Ypma PF, van der Meer PF, Heddle NM, van Hilten JA, Stijnen T, Middelburg RA, Hervig T, van der Bom JG, Brand A, Kerkhoffs JL 2016 BMJ Open Researchers
Evaluating mesenchymal stem cell therapy for sepsis with preclinical meta-analyses prior to initiating a first-in-human trial Lalu MM, Sullivan KJ, Mei SHJ, Moher D, Straus A, Fergusson DA, Stewart DJ, Jazi M, MacLeod M, Winston B, Marshall J, Hutton B, Walley KR, McIntyre L 2016 eLife Researchers
Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor activation attenuates platelet aggregation and thrombosis Cameron-Vendrig A, Reheman A, Siraj MA, Xu XR, Wang Y, Lei X, Afroze T, Shikatani E, El-Mounayri O, Noyan H, Weissleder R, Ni H, Husain M 2016 Diabetes Researchers
Multicountry survey of emergency and critical care medicine physicians’ fluid resuscitation practices for adult patients with early septic shock McIntyre L, Rowe BH, Walsh TS, Gray A, Arabi Y, Perner A, Gordon A, Marshall J, Cook D, Fox-Robichaud A, Bagshaw SM, Green R, Schweitzer I, Turgeon A, Zarychanski R, English S, Chassé M, Stiell I, Fergusson D 2016 BMJ Open Health care providers
Outbreak of acute hepatitis B virus infection associated with exposure to acupuncture Rempel S, Murti M, Buxton J, Stephens W, Watterson M, Andonov A, Fung C, Ramler G, Bigham M, Lem M 2016 Canada Communicable Disease Report Health care providers
Revealing the diversity of extracellular vesicles using high-dimensional flow cytometry analyses Marcoux G, Duchez A-C, Cloutier N, Provost P, Nigrovic PA, Boilard E 2016 Sci Rep Researchers
Acetylsalicyclic acid for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases Webert K, Kelton J 2016 Aspirin and related drugs Health care providers
Applications of Liposomes in Biopreservation Da Silveira Cavalcante L, Holovati J, Acker J 2016 Multiscale technologies for cryomedicine: implementation from nano to macroscale Researchers
Immunoablation and autologous haemopoietic stem-cell transplantation for aggressive multiple sclerosis: a multicentre single-group phase 2 trial Atkins HL, Bowman M, Allan D, Anstee G, Arnold DL, Bar-Or A, Bence-Bruckler I, Birch P, Bredeson C, Chen J, Fergusson D, Halpenny M, Hamelin L, Huebsch L, Hutton B, Laneuville P, Lapierre Y, Lee H, Martin L, McDiarmid S, O'Connor P, Ramsay T, Sabloff M, Walker L, Freedman MS 2016 Lancet Researchers
Small-molecule ice recrystallization inhibitors improve the post-thaw function of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells Briard JG, Jahan S, Chandran P, Allan D, Pineault N, Ben RN 2016 ACS Omega Researchers
Comments on: Bernardo et al. 2016 (Blood)Working together to block alloimmunization Stowell SR 2016 Blood Researchers
How do I interpret a confidence interval? O'Brien SF, Yi QL 2016 Transfusion Researchers
Rationale and Design of the Informing Fresh versus Old Red Cell Management (INFORM) Trial: An International Pragmatic Randomized Trial Eikelboom JW, Cook RJ, Barty R, Liu Y, Arnold DM, Crowther MA, Devereaux PJ, Ellis M, Figueroa P, Gallus A, Hirsh J, Kurz A, Roxby D, Sessler DI, Sharon Y, Sobieraj-Teague M, Warkentin TE, Webert KE, Heddle NM 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers
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