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Rationale and Design of the Informing Fresh versus Old Red Cell Management (INFORM) Trial: An International Pragmatic Randomized Trial Eikelboom JW, Cook RJ, Barty R, Liu Y, Arnold DM, Crowther MA, Devereaux PJ, Ellis M, Figueroa P, Gallus A, Hirsh J, Kurz A, Roxby D, Sessler DI, Sharon Y, Sobieraj-Teague M, Warkentin TE, Webert KE, Heddle NM 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers
ResearchUnit: Data mining 2: digging for deeper understanding of donors and transfusion outcome Fergusson DA, Acker J 2016 Blood.ca website Other
Alleviation of gram-negative bacterial lung inflammation by targeting HECTD2 Kapur R, Semple JW 2016 Ann Transl Med Researchers
Dengue virus persists and replicates during storage of platelet and red blood cell units Sutherland MR, Simon AY, Serrano K, Schubert P, Acker JP, Pryzdial ELG 2016 Transfusion Researchers
Effects of methoxypoly (Ethylene glycol) mediated immunocamouflage on leukocyte surface marker detection, cell conjugation, activation and alloproliferation Kyluik-Price DL, Scott MD 2016 Biomaterials Researchers
Evaluating the "family veto" of consent for organ donation Toews M, Caulfield T 2016 CMAJ Health care providers
Reversible hemostatic properties of sulfabetaine/quaternary ammonium modified hyperbranched polyglycerol Wen J, Weinhart M, Lai B, Kizhakkedathu J, Brooks DE 2016 Biomaterials Researchers
Transfusion of fresher vs older red blood cells in hospitalized patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis Alexander PE, Barty R, Fei Y, Vandvik PO, Pai M, Siemieniuk RA, Heddle NM, Blumberg N, McLeod SL, Liu J, Eikelboom JW, Guyatt GH 2016 Blood Researchers
Using simulation for strategic blood supply chain design in the Canadian prairies Blake J, McTaggart K 2016 Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on SIMULTECH Blood operators
Corticosteroids compared with intravenous immunoglobulin for the treatment of immune thrombocytopenia in pregnancy Sun D, Shehata N, Ye XY, Gregorovich S, De France B, Arnold DM, Shah PS, Malinowski AK 2016 Blood Researchers
Manufacturing method affects mitochondrial DNA release and extracellular vesicle composition in stored red blood cells Bakkour S, Acker JP, Chafets DM, Inglis HC, Norris PJ, Lee TH, Busch MP 2016 Vox Sang Researchers
ResearchUnit: Data mining: digging for deeper understanding of blood components and transfusion outcomes Heddle NM, Acker JP 2016 Blood.ca website Other
Strain-promoted azide–alkyne cycloaddition for protein–protein coupling in the formation of a bis-hemoglobin as a copper-free oxygen carrier Singh S, Dubinsky-Davidchik IS, Kluger R 2016 Org Biomol Chem Researchers
Thymic-derived tolerizing dendritic cells are upregulated in the spleen upon treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin in a murine model of immune thrombocytopenia Kapur R, Aslam R, Kim M, Guo L, Ni H, Segel GB, Semple JW 2016 Platelets Researchers
Antibody-mediated immune suppression is improved when blends of anti-RBC monoclonal antibodies are used in mice Bernardo L, Amash A, Marjoram D, Lazarus AH 2016 Blood Researchers
Introducing the red cell storage lesion Chen D, Serrano K, Devine DV 2016 ISBT Sci Ser Blood operators
Myasthenia gravis treated with autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Bryant A, Atkins H, Pringle C, Allan D, Anstee G, Bence-Bruckler I, Hamelin L, Hodgins M, Hopkins HS, Huebsch L, McDiarmid S, Sabloff M, Sheppard D, Tay J, Bredeson C 2016 JAMA Neurol Researchers
Plasma and cryoprecipitate for transfusion Stanworth SJ, Tinmouth AT 2016 Rossi's Principles of Transfusion Medicine Researchers
Acquired Factor XIII Inhibitor in Hospitalized and Perioperative Patients: A Systematic Review of Case Reports and Case Series Tone KJ, James TE, Fergusson DA, Tinmouth A, Tay J, Avey MT, Kilty S, Lalu MM 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers
Donor deferral policies for men who have sex with men: where are we today? Goldman M, O’Brien SF 2016 Curr Opin Hematol Blood operators
Transfusion-related alloimmunization in children: epidemiology and effects of chemotherapy Solh Z, Athale U, Arnold DM, Cook RJ, Foley R, Heddle NM 2016 Vox Sang Health care providers
Aneurysmal SubArachnoid Hemorrhage—Red Blood Cell Transfusion And Outcome (SAHaRA): a pilot randomised controlled trial protocol English SW, Fergusson D, Chassé M, Turgeon A, Lauzier F, Griesdale D, Algird A, Kramer A, Tinmouth A, Lum C 2016 BMJ Open Researchers
Dicer1 mediated miRNA processing shapes the mRNA profile and function of murine platelets Rowley JW, Chappaz S, Corduan A, Chong MM, Campbell R, Khoury A, Manne BK, Wurtzel JG, Michael JV, Goldfinger LE, Mumaw MM, Nieman MT, Kile BT, Provost P, Weyrich AS 2016 Blood Researchers
Erroneous HbA1c results in a patient with elevated HbC and HbF Adekanmbi J, Higgins T, Rodriguez-Capote K, Thomas D, Winterstein J, Dixon T, Gifford JL, Krause R, Venner AA, Clarke G, Estey MP 2016 Clinica Chimica Acta Health care providers
Extracellular histones identified in crocodile blood inhibit in-vitro HIV-1 infection Kozlowski HN, Lai ET, Havugimana PC, White C, Emili A, Sakac D, Binnington B, Neschadim A, McCarthy SD, Branch DR 2016 AIDS Researchers
Impact of informing donors of low ferritin results Goldman M, Uzicanin S, Scalia J, Scalia V, O'Brien SF 2016 Transfusion Blood operators
Monovalent Fc receptor blockade by an anti–Fcγ receptor/albumin fusion protein ameliorates murine ITP with abrogated toxicity Yu X, Menard M, Prechl J, Bhakta V, Sheffield WP, Lazarus AH 2016 Blood Researchers
Platelets and platelet adhesion molecules: novel mechanisms of thrombosis and anti-thrombotic therapies Xu XR, Carrim N, Neves MAD, McKeown T, Stratton TW, Coelho RMP, Lei X, Chen P, Xu J, Dai X, Li BX, Ni H 2016 Thromb J Health care providers
Understanding stakeholder important outcomes and perceptions of equity, acceptability and feasibility of a care model for haemophilia management in the US: a qualitative study Lane SJ, Sholapur NS, Yeung CH, Iorio A, Heddle NM, Sholzberg M, Pai M 2016 Haemophilia Health care providers
Characterization of the growth modulatory activities of osteoblast conditioned media on cord blood progenitor cells Abu-Khader A, Pasha R, Ward GCD, Boisjoli G, Pineault N 2016 Cytotechnology Researchers
Introduction of a closed-system cell processor for red blood cell washing: postimplementation monitoring of safety and efficacy Acker JP, Hansen AL, Yi Q-L, Sondi N, Cserti-Gazdewich C, Pendergrast J, Hannach B 2016 Transfusion Blood operators
Oxford's Systematic Review Initiative: leading by example in evidence-based transfusion medicine Fergusson DA 2016 Transfusion Medicine Researchers
ResearchUnit: Mastering the monocyte monolayer assay Branch D 2016 Blood.ca website Other
RhoA/ROCK signaling contributes to sex differences in the activation of human platelets Schubert P, Coupland D, Nombalais M, Walsh G, Devine DV 2016 Thrombosis Res Researchers
Shining a light on AHG “blind” spot(s) Branch DR, Westhoff CM 2016 Transfusion Researchers
The Grand Challenges of Organ Banking: Proceedings from the first global summit on complex tissue cryopreservation Lewis JK, Bischof JC, Braslavsky I, Brockbank KGM, Fahy GM, Fuller BJ, Rabin Y, Tocchio A, Woods EJ, Wowk BG, Acker JP, Giwa S 2016 Cryobiology Researchers
The spleen dictates platelet destruction, anti-platelet antibody production, and lymphocyte distribution patterns in a murine model of immune thrombocytopenia Aslam R, Kapur R, Segel GB, Guo L, Zufferey A, Ni H, Semple JW 2016 Exp Hematol Researchers
Transfusion premedication practices among pediatric health care practitioners in Canada: results of a national survey Solh Z, Chan AK, Heddle NM 2016 Transfusion Health care providers
CD20+ B-cell depletion therapy suppresses murine CD8+ T-cell-mediated immune thrombocytopenia Guo L, Kapur R, Aslam R, Speck ER, Zufferey A, Zhao Y, Kim M, Lazarus AH, Ni H, Semple JW 2016 Blood Researchers
Clinical Studies of Ex Vivo Expansion to Accelerate Engraftment After Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation: A Systematic Review Kiernan J, Damien P, Monaghan M, Shorr R, McIntyre L, Fergusson D, Tinmouth A, Allan D 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers
Hepatitis E Petrik J, Lozano M, Seed CR, Faddy HM, Keller AJ, Prado Scuracchio PS, Wendel S, Andonov A, Fearon M, Delage G, Zhang J, Shih JWK, Gallian P, Djoudi R, Tiberghien P, Izopet J, Dreier J, Vollmer T, Knabbe C, Aggarwal R, Goel A, Ciccaglione AR, Matsubayashi K, Satake M, Tadokoro K, Jeong S-H, Zaaijer HL, Zhiburt E, Chay J, Teo D, Chua SS, Piron M, Sauleda S, Echevarría J-M, Dalton H, Stramer SL 2016 Vox Sang Blood operators
Mitochondrial Inner Membrane Depolarization as a Marker of Platelet Apoptosis: Disclosure of Nonapoptotic Membrane Depolarization Gyulkhandanyan AV, Allen DJ, Mykhaylov S, Lyubimov E, Ni H, Freedman J, Leytin V 2016 Clin Appl Thromb Hemost Researchers
Noninvasive pH monitoring for bacterial detection in platelet concentrates Loza-Correa M, Perkins H, Kumaran D, Kou Y, Qaisar R, Geelhood S, Ramirez-Arcos S 2016 Transfusion Researchers
Platelet microparticles reprogram macrophage gene expression and function Laffont B, Corduan A, Rousseau M, Duchez AC, Lee CH, Boilard E, Provost P 2016 Thromb Haemost Researchers
Splenic lymphocyte subtypes in immune thrombocytopenia: increased presence of a subtype of B-regulatory cells Aslam R, Segel GB, Burack R, Spence SA, Speck ER, Guo L, Semple JW 2016 Br J Haematol Researchers
Changes in blood center red blood cell distributions in the era of patient blood management: the trends for collection (TFC) study Yazer MH, Jackson B, Beckman N, Chesneau S, Bowler P, Delaney M, Devine D, Field S, Germain M, Murphy MF, Sayers M, Shaz B, Shinar E, Takanashi M, Vassallo R, Wickenden C, Yahalom V, Land K, on behalf of the BEST Collaborative 2016 Transfusion Blood operators
Effect of Blood Donor Characteristics on Transfusion Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Chasse M, McIntyre L, English SW, Tinmouth A, Knoll G, Wolfe D, Wilson K, Shehata N, Forster A, van Walraven C, Fergusson DA 2016 Transfus Med Rev Researchers
Extracellular matrix proteins in the regulation of thrombus formation Wang Y, Gallant RC, Ni H 2016 Curr Opin Hematol Researchers
Phosphatidylserine externalization and procoagulant activation of erythrocytes induced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence factor pyocyanin Qadri SM, Donkor DA, Bhakta V, Eltringham-Smith LJ, Dwivedi DJ, Moore JC, Pepler L, Ivetic N, Nazi I, Fox-Robichaud AE, Liaw PC, Sheffield WP 2016 J Cell Mol Med Researchers
Producing megakaryocytes from a human peripheral blood source Ivetic N, Nazi I, Karim N, Clare R, Smith JW, Moore JC, Hope KJ, Kelton JG, Arnold DM 2016 Transfusion Researchers
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