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Updated October 2017

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Fibronectin maintains the balance between hemostasis and thrombosis Wang Y, Ni H 2016 Cell Mol Life Sci Researchers Basic research
Changes in blood center red blood cell distributions in the era of patient blood management: the trends for collection (TFC) study Yazer MH, Jackson B, Beckman N, Chesneau S, Bowler P, Delaney M, Devine D, Field S, Germain M, Murphy MF, Sayers M, Shaz B, Shinar E, Takanashi M, Vassallo R, Wickenden C, Yahalom V, Land K, on behalf of the BEST Collaborative 2016 Transfusion Blood operators New or improved product or process
Introduction of a closed-system cell processor for red blood cell washing: postimplementation monitoring of safety and efficacy Acker JP, Hansen AL, Yi Q-L, Sondi N, Cserti-Gazdewich C, Pendergrast J, Hannach B 2016 Transfusion Blood operators New or improved product or process
Small molecule ice recrystallization inhibitors mitigate red blood cell lysis during freezing, transient warming and thawing Briard JG, Poisson JS, Turner TR, Capicciotti CJ, Acker JP, Ben RN 2016 Sci Rep Researchers New or improved product or process
Elevation of C-reactive protein levels in patients with transfusion-related acute lung injury Kapur R, Kim M, Rondina MT, Porcelijn L, Semple JW 2016 Oncotarget Researchers Basic research
Microparticles as biomarkers of lung disease - enumeration in biological fluids using lipid bilayer microspheres McVey MJ, Spring C, Semple JW, Maishan M, Kuebler WM 2016 Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol Researchers Basic research
A trial to determine whether septic shock-reversal is quicker in pediatric patients randomized to an early goal-directed fluid-sparing strategy versus usual care (SQUEEZE): study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial Parker MJ, Thabane L, Fox-Robichaud A, Liaw P, Choong K 2016 Trials Researchers Clinical research
Changing the 30-min Rule in Canada: The Effect of Room Temperature on Bacterial Growth in Red Blood Cells Ramirez-Arcos S, Kou Y, Ducas É, Thibault L 2016 Transfus Med Hemother Blood operators Benchmarking and standard setting
Erroneous HbA1c results in a patient with elevated HbC and HbF Adekanmbi J, Higgins T, Rodriguez-Capote K, Thomas D, Winterstein J, Dixon T, Gifford JL, Krause R, Venner AA, Clarke G, Estey MP 2016 Clinica Chimica Acta Health care providers Clinical research
Transfusion thresholds and other strategies for guiding allogeneic red blood cell transfusion Carson JL, Stanworth SJ, Roubinian N, Fergusson DA, Triulzi D, Doree C, Hebert PC 2016 Cochrane Database Syst Rev Health care providers Clinical research
Transfusion reactions: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment Delaney M, Wendel S, Bercovitz RS, Cid J, Cohn C, Dunbar NM, Apelseth TO, Popovsky M, Stanworth SJ, Tinmouth A, Van De Watering L, Waters JH, Yazer M, Ziman A 2016 Lancet Health care providers Clinical research
Eltrombopag after allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplantation in a case of poor graft function and systematic review of the literature Dyba J, Tinmouth A, Bredeson C, Matthews J, Allan DS 2016 Transfus Med Researchers Clinical research
Effect of texture of platelet bags on bacterial and platelet adhesion Hadjesfandiari N, Schubert P, Fallah Toosi S, Chen Z, Culibrk B, Ramirez-Arcos S, Devine DV, Brooks DE 2016 Transfusion Researchers Basic research
ResearchUnit: Older blood as good as new: no harmful effects of storage time before transfusion Heddle N 2016 website Other Other
Riboflavin and ultraviolet illumination affects selected platelet mRNA transcript amounts differently Klein-Bosgoed C, Schubert P, Devine DV 2016 Transfusion Researchers Basic research
Thrombolysis by chemically modified coagulation factor Xa Pryzdial ELG, Meixner SC, Talbot K, Eltringham-Smith LJ, Baylis JR, Lee FMH, Kastrup CJ, Sheffield WP 2016 J Thromb Haemost Researchers Basic research
Difficulties in establishing the diagnosis of immune thrombocytopenia: An agreement study Salib M, Clayden R, Clare R, Wang G, Warkentin TE, Crowther MA, Lim W, Nazi I, Kelton JG, Arnold DM 2016 American Journal of Hematology Researchers Clinical research
Physical characterization of hematopoietic stem cells using multidirectional label-free light scatterings Shahin H, Gupta M, Janowska-Wieczorek A, Rozmus W, Tsui YY 2016 Optics Express Researchers Basic research
CD44 Antibody Inhibition of Macrophage Phagocytosis Targets Fcγ Receptor– and Complement Receptor 3–Dependent Mechanisms Amash A, Wang L, Wang Y, Bhakta V, Fairn GD, Hou M, Peng J, Sheffield WP, Lazarus AH 2016 J Immunol Researchers Basic research
The Ottawa criteria for the appropriate use of perioperative blood transfusions in liver resection using the RAND/UCLA appropriateness method. Bennett S, Fergusson D, Tinmouth A, McIsaac D, Pawlik T, Hebert P, Mcintyre L, Karanicolas P, Barkun J, Turgeon-Fournier A 2016 Can J Surg Health care providers Clinical research
Myasthenia gravis treated with autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Bryant A, Atkins H, Pringle C, Allan D, Anstee G, Bence-Bruckler I, Hamelin L, Hodgins M, Hopkins HS, Huebsch L, McDiarmid S, Sabloff M, Sheppard D, Tay J, Bredeson C 2016 JAMA Neurol Researchers Clinical research
Mechanistic properties of intravenous immunoglobulin in murine immune thrombocytopenia: support for FcγRIIB falls by the wayside Crow AR, Lazarus AH 2016 Semin Hematol Researchers Basic research
Identification of six new RHCE variant alleles in individuals of diverse racial origin Goldman M, Cemborain A, Cote J, El Hamss R, Flower RL, Garaizar A, Garcia-Sanchez F, Hyland CA, Kalvelage M, Londero D, Lopez GH, Revelli N, Rodriguez-Wilhelmi P, Villa A, Ochoa-Garay G 2016 Transfusion Blood operators New or improved product or process
The nonhemostatic immune functions of platelets Kapur R, Semple JW 2016 Semin Hematol Researchers Basic research
Effects of methoxypoly (Ethylene glycol) mediated immunocamouflage on leukocyte surface marker detection, cell conjugation, activation and alloproliferation Kyluik-Price DL, Scott MD 2016 Biomaterials Researchers Basic research