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Updated June 2018

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Target plasma factor levels for personalized treatment in haemophilia: a Delphi consensus statement Iorio A, Iserman E, Blanchette V, Dolan G, Escuriola Ettingshausen C, Hermans C, Negrier C, Oldenburg J, Reininger A, Rodriguez-Merchan C, Spannagl M, Valentino LA, Young G, Steinitz-Trost KN, Gringeri A 2017 Haemophilia Health care providers Clinical research
Two cases of the variant RHD* DAU5 allele associated with maternal alloanti-D Duncan J, Nahirniak S, Onell R, Clarke G 2017 Immunohematology Health care providers Clinical research
Restrictive versus liberal red blood cell transfusion strategies for people with haematological malignancies treated with intensive chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or both, with or without haematopoietic stem cell support Estcourt LJ, Malouf R, Trivella M, Fergusson DA, Hopewell S, Murphy MF 2017 Cochrane Database Syst Rev Health care providers Clinical research
A large national study of ferritin testing in Canadian blood donors Goldman M, Uzicanin S, Osmond L, Scalia V, O'Brien SF 2017 Transfusion Blood operators Clinical research
Renin-Angiotensin System Blockade and Long-term Clinical Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Hiremath S, Fergusson DA, Fergusson N, Bennett A, Knoll GA 2017 Am J Kidney Dis Researchers Clinical research
T Regulatory Cells and Dendritic Cells Protect Against Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury via IL-10 Kapur R, Kim M, Aslam R, McVey MJ, Tabuchi A, Luo A, Liu J, Li Y, Shanmugabhavananthan S, Speck ER 2017 Blood Researchers Basic research
Acid sphingomyelinase mediates murine acute lung injury following transfusion of aged platelets McVey MJ, Kim M, Tabuchi A, Srbely V, Japtok L, Arenz C, Rotstein O, Kleuser B, Semple JW, Kuebler WM 2017 Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol Researchers Basic research
ResearchUnit: It's a numbers game: improving cord blood stem cell transplantation success Pineault N 2017 website Other Other
Platelet desialylation correlates with efficacy of first-line therapies for immune thrombocytopenia Tao L, Zeng Q, Li J, Xu M, Wang J, Pan Y, Wang H, Tao Q, Chen Y, Peng J, Hou M, Jansen AJG, Ni H, Zhai Z 2017 J Hematol Oncol Researchers Clinical research
Performance characteristics of an automated latex immunoturbidimetric assay [HemosIL® HIT-ab(PF4-H)] for the diagnosis of immune heparin-induced thrombocytopenia Warkentin TE, Sheppard J-AI, Linkins L-A, Arnold DM, Nazy I 2017 Thromb Res Researchers Clinical research
CMV seronegative, irradiated and washed blood components Prokopchuk-Gauk O, Solh Z 2017 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers Benchmarking and standard setting
Microfluidic analysis of red blood cell deformability as a means to assess hemin-induced oxidative stress resulting from Plasmodium falciparum intraerythrocytic parasitism Matthews K, Duffy SP, Myrand-Lapierre M-E, Ang RR, Li L, Scott MD, Ma H 2017 Integr Biol Researchers Basic research
ResearchUnit: Using immunocamouflage to increase transplantation safety Scott M 2017 website Other Other
Concentré de recherche: La présence de résidus de plasma favorise l'adhérence des bactéries à la paroi des poches utilisées pour les concentrés de plaquettes Ramirez-Arcos S 2017 website Other Other
From cytokines to pragmatic designs: changing paradigms Heddle NM 2017 Transfusion Researchers Clinical research
Large scale studies assessing anti-factor VIII antibody development in previously untreated haemophilia A: what has been learned, what to believe and how to learn more Iorio A, Fischer K, Makris M 2017 Br J Haematol Researchers Clinical research
Two novel ABCG2 alleles resulting in a Jr (a−) phenotype Berardi P, Cote J, Vege S, Aeschlimann J, Cserti‐Gazdewich C, Westhoff CM 2017 Transfusion Researchers Basic research
Intersecting worlds of transfusion and transplantation medicine: An international symposium organized by the Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation Hodgkinson KM, Kiernan J, Shih AW, Solh Z, Sheffield WP, Pineault N 2017 Transfus Med Rev Health care providers Other
Virus–Platelet Associations Pryzdial ELG, Lin BH, Sutherland MR 2017 Platelets in Thrombotic and Non-Thrombotic Disorders: Pathophysiology Researchers Basic research
Neonatal and pediatric transfusion Lau W 2017 Clinical Guide to Transfusion Health care providers Benchmarking and standard setting
Warm-reactive (immunoglobulin G) autoantibodies and laboratory testing best practices: review of the literature and survey of current practice Ziman A, Cohn C, Carey PM, Dunbar NM, Fung MK, Greinacher A, Stanworth S, Heddle NM, Delaney M 2017 Transfusion Health care providers New or improved product or process
Comparison of bacterial attachment to platelet bags with and without preconditioning with plasma Loza‐Correa M, Kalab M, Yi QL, Eltringham‐Smith L, Sheffield W, Ramirez‐Arcos S 2017 Vox Sang Researchers Basic research
Mitigation of the threat posed to transfusion by donors traveling to Zika‐affected areas: a Canadian risk‐based approach Germain M, Delage G, O'Brien SF, Grégoire Y, Fearon M, Devine D 2017 Transfusion Blood operators Clinical research
Residual risk of bacterial contamination of platelets: six years of experience with sterility testing Ramirez‐Arcos S, DiFranco C, McIntyre T, Goldman M 2017 Transfusion Researchers New or improved product or process
Concentré de recherche: La sécrétion de cellules immunitaires peut protéger les patients contre le syndrome respiratoire post-transfusionnel Semple J 2017 website Other Other