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Updated October 2016

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Title Authors Yearsort ascending Journal Link to Article Intended Audience Purpose
Stability of coagulation protein activities in single units or pools of cryoprecipitate during storage at 20–24°C for up to 24 h Sheffield WP, Bhakta V, Jenkins C 2016 Vox Sang Blood operators New or improved product or process
A randomized controlled trial comparing the outcome of critically ill adults who received fresher vs. older red cells units Lacroix J, Hébert PC, Fergusson DA, Tinmouth A, Walsh T, Stanworth S, Campbell H, Boyd J, Burrows H, Hemmatapour S, on behalf of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group 2016 ISBT Sci Ser Health care providers Clinical research
Extracellular matrix proteins in the regulation of thrombus formation Wang Y, Gallant RC, Ni H 2016 Curr Opin Hematol Researchers Basic research
The Grand Challenges of Organ Banking: Proceedings from the first global summit on complex tissue cryopreservation Lewis JK, Bischof JC, Braslavsky I, Brockbank KGM, Fahy GM, Fuller BJ, Rabin Y, Tocchio A, Woods EJ, Wowk BG, Acker JP, Giwa S 2016 Cryobiology Researchers Other
Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor activation attenuates platelet aggregation and thrombosis Cameron-Vendrig A, Reheman A, Siraj MA, Xu XR, Wang Y, Lei X, Afroze T, Shikatani E, El-Mounayri O, Noyan H, Weissleder R, Ni H, Husain M 2016 Diabetes Researchers Basic research
Platelet microparticles reprogram macrophage gene expression and function Laffont B, Corduan A, Rousseau M, Duchez AC, Lee CH, Boilard E, Provost P 2016 Thromb Haemost Researchers Basic research
Reversible hemostatic properties of sulfabetaine/quaternary ammonium modified hyperbranched polyglycerol Wen J, Weinhart M, Lai B, Kizhakkedathu J, Brooks DE 2016 Biomaterials Researchers Basic research
ResearchUnit: Data mining 2: digging for deeper understanding of donors and transfusion outcome Fergusson DA, Acker J 2016 website Other Other
The M358R variant of α1-proteinase inhibitor inhibits coagulation factor VIIa Sheffield WP, Bhakta V 2016 Biochem Biophys Res Commun Researchers Basic research
The mechanism and modulation of complement activation on polymer grafted cells Leung VL, Kizhakkedathu JN 2016 Acta Biomater Researchers Basic research
Reducing the age of transfused red blood cells in hospitals: ordering and allocation policies Sarhangian V, Abouee-Mehrizi H, Baron O, Berman O, Heddle NM, Barty R 2016 Vox Sang Health care providers Benchmarking and standard setting
Thrombocytopenic syndromes in pregnancy Yan M, Malinowski AK, Shehata N 2016 Obstet Med Health care providers Clinical research
ResearchUnit: Hijacked: the role of platelets in dengue virus infection revealed Pryzdial EL 2016 website Other Other
Monovalent Fc receptor blockade by an anti–Fcγ receptor/albumin fusion protein ameliorates murine ITP with abrogated toxicity Yu X, Menard M, Prechl J, Bhakta V, Sheffield WP, Lazarus AH 2016 Blood Researchers Basic research
CD20+ B-cell depletion therapy suppresses murine CD8+ T-cell-mediated immune thrombocytopenia Guo L, Kapur R, Aslam R, Speck ER, Zufferey A, Zhao Y, Kim M, Lazarus AH, Ni H, Semple JW 2016 Blood Researchers Basic research
Gender and BCR-ABL transcript type are correlated with molecular response to imatinib treatment in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia Lin HX, Sjaarda J, Dyck J, Stringer R, Hillis C, Harvey M, Carter R, Ainsworth P, Leber B, Pare G, Sadikovic B 2016 Eur J Haematol Researchers Clinical research
RhoA/ROCK signaling contributes to sex differences in the activation of human platelets Schubert P, Coupland D, Nombalais M, Walsh G, Devine DV 2016 Thrombosis Res Researchers Basic research
A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial evaluating clinical effects of platelet transfusion products: the Pathogen Reduction Evaluation and Predictive Analytical Rating Score (PREPAReS) trial Ypma PF, van der Meer PF, Heddle NM, van Hilten JA, Stijnen T, Middelburg RA, Hervig T, van der Bom JG, Brand A, Kerkhoffs JL 2016 BMJ Open Researchers Clinical research
Seroprevalence of Babesia microti infection in Canadian blood donors O'Brien SF, Delage G, Scalia V, Lindsay R, Bernier F, Dubuc S, Germain M, Pilot G, Yi Q-L, Fearon MA 2016 Transfusion Blood operators New or improved product or process
Design and Implementation of a Competency-Based Transfusion Medicine Training Program in Canada Zeller MP, Sherbino J, Whitman L, Skeate R, Arnold DM 2016 Transfus Med Rev Health care providers Other
Interpretation of pretransfusion testing in obstetrical patients who have received antepartum Rh immunoglobulin prophylaxis Szkotak AJ, Lunty B, Nahirniak S, Clarke G 2016 Vox Sang Health care providers Clinical research
Deformability based sorting of red blood cells improves diagnostic sensitivity for malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum Guo Q, Duffy SP, Matthews K, Deng X, Santoso AT, Islamzada E, Ma H 2016 Lab Chip Researchers New or improved product or process
Targeting FcγRs to treat antibody-dependent autoimmunity Yu X, Lazarus AH 2016 Autoimmun Rev Researchers Other
Best practices in the differential diagnosis and reporting of acute transfusion reactions Heddle N, Hillis C, Shih A 2016 International Journal of Clinical Transfusion Medicine Health care providers Clinical research
Noninvasive pH monitoring for bacterial detection in platelet concentrates Loza-Correa M, Perkins H, Kumaran D, Kou Y, Qaisar R, Geelhood S, Ramirez-Arcos S 2016 Transfusion Researchers New or improved product or process