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Branch, Donald

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Donald Branch

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Mailing Address:

Canadian Blood Services
3rd Floor Room 342, 67 College St.
Toronto, ON, M5G 2M1

Phone Number: 416-313-4458

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Centre for Innovation
Canadian Blood Services

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
University of Toronto

Associate Professor
Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
University of Toronto

Understanding Diseases to Optimize Transfusion Practice

Dr. Branch’s research aims to understand the pathogenesis and functioning of cells in various diseases that require blood transfusion products and related biologics. In particular, Dr. Branch studies mononuclear phagocytes to understand and inhibit the phagocytosis function of these cells in autoimmune diseases and, using animal models of autoimmune diseases, the mechanism of amelioration by intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) therapies.

Why is this important?

Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms associated with autoimmune diseases and mechanism of IVIg therapy should provide new treatment strategies.

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Signaling in HIV/AIDS Pathogenesis and Disease Resistance and Investigation of Novel Therapies

Dr. Branch is applying his expertise in cell signaling to the study of HIV and has identified new targets for HIV/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) therapy.

Why is this important?

Understanding the signaling pathways used by HIV and identifying novel ways to interfere with viral signaling could lead to better treatment options for patients with HIV/AIDS and other viral diseases.

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Signal Transduction and Signaling Abnormalities in Malignancies

Understanding abnormal cell signaling in cancers and proliferative diseases helps to shed light on how these diseases develop and progress.

Why is this important?

This research aims to develop new strategies to treat cancers and proliferative diseases. Better treatment options for cancer patients could reduce the transfusion needs of these patients. In addition, work done on the role of c-Src in B-cell proliferation could be used to increase the production of monoclonal antibodies used in transfusion services for blood antigen testing.

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Leadership Roles:


Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship. For his many years of research in red cell serology and for his dedication to the education of others in the field of immunohematology. Recognized by his peers for his expertise in infectious disease and autoimmune disease research, he continues to promote the advancement of his field through the study of potentially novel therapies all while promoting the growth of other laboratory professionals. Awarded by the American Association of Blood Banks.

2013 - Current

Member, Curriculum Committee, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto 

2012 - Current

Member, Editorial Board, Transfusion

2011 - Current

Member, Selection of Abstracts Program Unit, AABB

2010 - Current

Member, Canadian Hemovigilance/Pharmacovigilance Committee


Helen I. Battle Lectureship, awarded by the Department of Biology, University of Western Ontario.  Lecture title:  “The Changing Paradigm of HIV Pathogenesis"

2007 - Current

Member, Basic Research Advisory Committee – Immunity, Toronto General Research Institute

2007 - Current

Faculty Advisory Board, University of Toronto Medical Journal

2006 - Current

Internal Reviewer, Animal Care Committee, University Health Network

2005 - Current

Director, Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS) Programs, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto


Morten Grove-Rasmussen Memorial Award, “recognizes advances in the field of immunohematology”, awarded by the American Association of Blood Banks


Ortho Award in Transfusion Medicine for "outstanding contributions to transfusion medicine”, awarded by the Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine


Special Member Acknowledgement, for “having made a  significant contribution to the field of hematology and the care of patients with hematologic disorders”, given by the American Society of Hematology


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology, University of Alberta
  • Specialist in Blood Banking from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, USA
  • Bachelor degree in Chemistry, San Francisco State University, USA
  • Bachelor degree in Cell & Molecular Biology, San Francisco State University, USA
  • Licensed Medical Laboratory Technologist, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, USA