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Monday, March 04, 2019
Impact stories
Like many people, Veronica Vardy never really thought about the blood supply. It wasn’t until she was sitting by her daughter’s side, watching the blood from a stranger drip life back into her tiny body, that it hit her.


Impact stories
Aary and his family’s journey has been difficult, but it’s also hopeful, because hope is what financial support makes possible. We’re grateful to Aary’s mom Jenny for sharing his story with us, and hope that it inspires you as well.


Impact stories
This year alone, 86 blood donors will save Charles's life. Read his story and learn how financial donors are also helping patients like Charles who need ongoing support.


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There’s nothing Brock loves more than playing hockey. Thanks to the generosity of blood and financial donors—and a gift from an incredible organ donor—he’s back on the ice with his teammates doing what he loves most.

Mackenzie and Alexander

Impact stories
When she was a teenager, Mackenzie’s busy life was put on hold when she was diagnosed with a type of pre-leukemia that was quickly evolving into leukemia. She matched with Alexander, a stem cell donor who gave her a second chance at life.


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Abby is seven years old and for the next 18 months, she'll receive treatment for precursor B lymphoblastic lymphoma, a type of cancer. Read her story from her dad Drew's perspective and see how financial donors and blood transfusions are part of her story.


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It all started while walking to the bus stop one morning four years ago. The air was brisk, and the sun was bright in the sky. After just a few steps, Tom was out of breath and feeling dizzy. He thought it was probably nothing but decided to get checked just to be safe.


Impact stories
Born 12 weeks early, Nicholas was tiny, frail and had a weak immune system. Read his story and find out how two blood transfusions helped him when he needed it most.
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