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Department of National Defence - Canadian Forces Health Services

The Department of National Defence became the first national Partners for Life organization in 2006 and since then have donated more than 30,000 units. CF Health Services work tirelessly to promote blood and stem cell donation, host blood drives and OneMatch swabbing events and actively promote recipient stories within the organization. They also have a policy that supports time off for employees who want to donate. Their steadfast commitment exemplifies the long-standing relationship between Canada’s military and the blood system which stems from when Canadians voluntarily donated blood to help wounded troops during WWII.

Sixty years after the war, with the CF Health Services in command of the Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Canadian Blood Services and the CF collaboratively created a walking blood bank program.

Canadian Blood Services pre-screened troops before their deployment so that the CF in Afghanistan had access to on-call donors in the event large quantities of blood were needed or supplies became exhausted. The agreement also saw Canadian Blood Services training CF nursing and laboratory personnel in drawing and testing blood according to the highest Canadian and world standards.

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