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Blood For Research

Are You In Vancouver?

If you’re in Vancouver and are currently not eligible to donate blood for transfusions, you may be able to give in another way—to support the groundbreaking research underway at our Canadian Blood Services netCAD Blood for Research Donor Clinic. Canadian Blood Services is a world leader in discovery research and applied development related to blood and blood products: your donation could help us build the future of transfusion medicine.

What is netCAD?

The netCAD Blood for Research Donor Clinic is a dedicated blood and apheresis donor clinic linked to a research and development laboratory within the Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation where researchers, scientists, medical professionals, blood manufacturing technology vendors and collection and production experts evaluate improvements, develop new processes, and try out new equipment. It’s also where all these experts can access blood products for discovery research and the applied development of current and next-generation blood products and manufacturing technologies.

About the Centre for Innovation

Located next to the University of British Columbia, the netCAD donor clinic operates just like a regular Canadian Blood Services clinic. The only difference is that the donated blood and platelets are never used for transfusion. We reimburse your parking and bus fare and there is plenty of juice and cookies to enjoy!

Who can donate?

You may be able to donate at netCAD if you are unable to donate blood, plasma, platelets for transfusion for the following reasons:

  • have travelled or lived abroad
  • recently had a tattoo
  • had your ears pierced
  • have had a false reactive test result
  • are ineligible to donate blood for transfusion as a man who has sex with men

At netCAD, we ask donors questions so that we can determine if it is safe for them to donate. To find out if you may be eligible to donate at netCAD, review our eligibility criteria. You can also contact us directly:



University Marketplace (at UBC)
207-2150 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC V6T 1V6

Who will I be helping?

When you donate to netCAD, your blood can help Canadian Blood Services and transfusion medicine researchers across Canada answer questions like:

  • Can we effectively inactivate viruses rather than just detect them?
  • Is it possible to produce a red cell product that can be transfused in all patients?
  • Can we increase the shelf life of platelets beyond the current limit of five days?
  • Can we reduce the incidence of Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury?

The answers will allow us to use our donated products more efficiently, save the health system money, and reduce the number of products discarded.

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