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Blood For Research

Are You In Vancouver?

There is a very special blood donation clinic in Vancouver, BC and it, combined with a small-scale but fully equipped development laboratory, makes up the  Blood for Research facility, where otherwise-ineligible donors may be able to donate.

Donations at this unique clinic contribute to valuable discovery and development projects that ensure our blood system and transfusion medicine in Canada is continually improving and evolving.

What is our Blood for Research facility?

Our Blood for Research site in Vancouver is a dedicated blood and apheresis donor clinic linked to a research and development laboratory – part of the Canadian Blood Services Centre for Innovation – where researchers, scientists, medical professionals, blood manufacturing technology vendors and collection and production experts evaluate improvements, develop new processes, and try out new equipment. It’s also where experts from across Canada can access blood products for discovery research and the applied development of current and next-generation blood products and manufacturing technologies.

About the Centre for Innovation

Located next to the University of British Columbia, the Blood for Research donation site operates just like a regular Canadian Blood Services donation centre. The only difference is that the donated blood and platelets are never used for transfusion. This means some donors that have been told they are ineligible to donate at a regular blood donation centre may be able to donate here!

Bonus: We reimburse your parking and bus fare and there are plenty of juice and snacks to enjoy!

Who can donate?

To ensure that it is safe for you to donate blood, we will ask you questions. Find out more information about whether you may be eligible to donate blood for research eligibility criteria. You can also contact us directly at:



University Marketplace (at UBC)
207-2150 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC V6T 1V6

Who will I be helping?

When you donate to Blood for Research, your blood can help Canadian Blood Services and transfusion medicine researchers as well as researchers from any discipline across Canada answer questions like:

  • What are the factors that influence bacteria growth in platelet products?
  • What role does blood component manufacturing play on red cell damage and changes in the leftover amount of white blood cells?
  • Can we improve techniques used to freeze red blood cells?
  • How do malaria parasites invade red blood cells?

The answers to questions like these help us overcome challenges, use our donated products more efficiently, save the health system money, and reduce the number of products discarded.


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