Request for Non-Personal Information

Please be sure to visit Canadian Blood Services' Web site, as it is a valuable resource for information relating to all aspects of the blood system. If your question is of a general nature and you cannot find the information on our Web site, please email us at

All other requests for access to corporate information about Canadian Blood Services such as:

  • statistics
  • corporate policies
  • operating procedures
  • legal documents
  • training documents, or
  • any other corporate information not available on our Web site

must be made in writing and include your full contact information and a detailed description of the information you are seeking. Please forward your request by email, fax or regular mail to:

Access to Information Office
Canadian Blood Services
1800 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, ON K1G 4J5
Tel.: (613) 739-2483
Toll-Free: 1-877-262-9191
Fax: (613) 739-2586

Requests will be processed within thirty business days of receipt of the request. If a request cannot reasonably be processed within thirty business days, the Access to Information office may extend the time limit for a further period of no more than thirty business days. The Access to Information office will provide a written explanation, including the additional days required to fulfill the request.

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