Reasons to join Canada’s Lifeline

Blood, plasma, platelets, stem cells, organs and tissues are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing diseases.

There are many reasons to join Canada's Lifeline 

You could be helping a child being treated for cancer, a mother who has just given birth, or a father about to have heart surgery. Every donation you make matters. It matters to every patient and their loved ones across Canada.

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Reason 013

You or someone you know will need blood.

Reason 014

Donating blood encourages the creation of new blood cells and the maintenance of good health.

Reason 015

Donating cord blood won't affect your delivery.

Cord Blood
Reason 016

You need to be 35 or younger to register donate stem cells.

Stem Cells
Reason 017

Give birth at the Brampton Civic Hospital. Save a life in Canada.

Cord Blood
Reason 018

Over 80 diseases can be treated with stem cell transplants.

Stem Cells
Reason 020

“It didn’t hit me at the time something that simple could make a difference between someone living and dying."

Stem Cells
Reason 022

Organ transplant recipients may also need blood.

Reason 023

The need for blood doesn't take a holiday.

Reason 025

Your donation can help someone finally come home.

Reason 026

It's easy to register as a stem cell donor online.

Stem Cells
Reason 027

Stem cell transplants rarely come from family members.

Stem Cells
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