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Amelia Stegeman


Amelia Stegeman

Amelia Stegeman was in high school when she went to her first blood donor clinic. Her school took part in Young Blood for Life, which sees schools challenge each other to donate the most blood. Her school won. The prize? Visiting the Oak Street clinic in Vancouver. There, she spoke with staff and donors and was impressed with the selflessness and kindness of those she met.

That experience inspired her to donate time and blood as much as she could. Amelia travels a lot for her studies — she’s now working on her Master’s degree in zoology at the University of British Columbia — so her eligibility to donate blood is hampered sometimes. Instead, she dedicates her time to volunteering in clinics and as sharing her story as part of the Speaker’s Bureau.

Over the Easter weekend, she’s organizing a challenge for youth and young adult groups at local churches. It’s her hope that more people find inspiration in the work of Canadian Blood Services to do good in their communities.