Devine, Dana

Selected Publications
  1. Serrano K, Levin E, Chen D, Hansen A, Turner TR, Kurach J, Reidel A, Boecker WF, Acker JP, Devine DV: An investigation of red blood cell concentrate quality during storage in paediatric-sized polyvinylchloride bags plasticized with alternatives to di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP). Vox Sang 2016; doi: 10.1111/vox.12355. [Epub ahead of print]
  2. Johnson L, Schubert P, Tan S, Devine DV, Marks DC: Extended storage and glucose exhaustion are associated with apoptotic changes in platelets stored in additive solution. Transfusion 2015; doi: 10.1111/trf.13345. [Epub ahead of print].
  3. Devine DV: ResearchUnit: Red cell irradiation – time for a change?  website 2014.
  4. Serrano K, Chen D, Hansen AL, Levin E, Turner TR, Kurach JDR, Acker JP, Devine DV: The effect of timing of gamma-irradiation on hemolysis and potassium release in leukoreduced red cell concentrates stored in SAGM. Vox Sang 2014; 106:379-381.
  5. Devine DV: ResearchUnit: Making the cut: Protein breakdown in platelets during website 2015.
  6. Prudova A, Serrano K, Eckhard U, Fortelny N, Devine DV, Overall CM: TAILS N-terminomics of human platelets reveals pervasive metalloproteinase-dependent proteolytic processing in storage. Blood 2014; 124:e49-60.
  7. Levin E, Jenkins C, Culibrk B, Gyöngyössy‐Issa MIC, Serrano K, Devine DV: Development of a quality monitoring program for platelet components: a report of the first four years' experience at Canadian Blood Services. Transfusion 2012; 52:810-818.
Selected Publications
  1. Chen Z, Schubert P, Culibrk B, Devine DV: p38MAPK is involved in apoptosis development in apheresis platelet concentrates after riboflavin and ultraviolet light treatment. Transfusion 2015; 55:848-857
  2. Schubert P, Culibrk B, Karwal S, Serrano K, Levin E, Bu D, Bhakta V, Sheffield WP, Goodrich RP, Devine DV: Whole blood treated with riboflavin and ultraviolet light: quality assessment of all blood components produced by the buffy coat method. Transfusion 2015; 55:815-823
  3. Schubert P, Devine DV: ResearchUnit:Pathogen inactivation for safer blood transfusion: What are the limitations? 2015; website.
  4. Prudent M, D'Alessandro A, Cazenave JP, Devine DV, Gachet C, Greinacher A, Lion N, Schubert P, Steil L, Thiele T, Tissot JD, Völker U, Zolla L: Proteome changes in platelets after pathogen inactivation--an interlaboratory consensus. Transfus Med Rev. 2014; 28:72-83.
  5. Schubert P, Coupland D, Culibrk B, Goodrich RP, Devine DV: Riboflavin and ultraviolet light treatment of platelets triggers p38MAPK signaling: inhibition significantly improves in vitro platelet quality after pathogen reduction treatment. Transfusion 2013; 53:3164-3173.
  6. Schubert P, Culibrk B, Coupland D, Scammell K, Gyongyossy‐Issa M, Devine DV Riboflavin and ultraviolet light treatment potentiates vasodilator‐stimulated phosphoprotein Ser‐239 phosphorylation in platelet concentrates during storage. Transfusion 2012; 52:397-408.

Leadership Roles


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20152015 CSTM Ortho award recognizing Dr. Devine's longstanding research career in blood products, transfusion medicine, platelet biology, complement biochemistry, and coagulation
2015 - CurrentMember Research Advisory Committee, Australian Red Cross Blood Service
2015 - CurrentMember Scientific Advisory Committee, Blood Systems Research Institute (San Francisco)
2012 - CurrentEditor-in-chief, Vox Sanguinis
CurrentTeam Co-Leader, Conventional Components area, Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST) Collaborative
CurrentChair, R&D Leaders Group, Alliance of Blood Operators
CurrentCommittee member, Medical Directors Group, Alliance of Blood Operators
2014-2015Section leader, Organizing Committee – State of the Science in Transfusion Medicine, March, 2015, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NIH)
2011 - 2016Ex-officio member through EIC role, Board of Directors, ISBT
2010 - CurrentScientific Advisory Board (SAB), BloodWorks Northwest
2010 - CurrentMember, ‘Top Expert’ Committee, Fresenius Hemocare
2008 - 2015Committee member, Medical Advisory Committee, American Red Cross
2002Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal - This commemorative medal was created to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. In Canada, the medal was awarded to nominees who contributed to public life
2001Woman of Distinction Award for Science, Research & Medicine, YWCA
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