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Process evaluation of the Canadian Blood Services' cord blood bank: managerial and donor perspectives

Principal Investigator / Supervisor: 
Co-Investigator(s) / Trainee: 
HAW, Jennie
Western University
Project Start Date: 
September 1, 2017
Project End Date: 
August 31, 2019
The goal of this 2-year project is to develop and conduct a qualitative process evaluation of the implementation and outcomes of the Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank (CBB). An integral component of Canada's public health care system, Canadian Blood Services manages the national supply of blood, blood products and stem cells, and related services for all the provinces and territories (excluding Quebec). Umbilical cord blood (blood collected from the umbilical cord and placenta immediately following birth) is rich in stem cells that are used to treat over 80 diseases. Launched in 2015, CBB is part of the Canadian Blood Services OneMatch Stem Cell Network that aims to match and coordinate delivery of cord blood units to patients. The CBB faces the critical challenge of effective donor recruitment to ensure the program's success. In part because this program is new, detailed understanding of the barriers to, and experiences of, donor participation is lacking. A key impact goal is to optimize the operations of the CBB with a focus on the successful recruitment and participation of donors. The proposed project directly addresses the impact goal and critical challenge of Canadian Blood Services by developing and implementing an evaluation framework to identify and assess the challenges and facilitators that impact the successful recruitment and participation of donors. This project will have two phases. Phase 1 will develop an evaluation framework based on managerial/staff perspectives to identify and clarify the CBB's operations, goals, and challenges related to the overall system and donor recruitment. Phase 2 will apply and refine the evaluation framework based on donor/potential donor views and experiences of CBB's recruitment and donation processes
Total Amount Awarded: 
National Training Program

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