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PID (Primary Immune Deficiency) Toolkit App

Principal Investigator / Supervisor: 
DARNEL, Susanna
Co-Investigator(s) / Trainee: 
LI, Cecilia
British Columbia Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) Group Members
BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office
British Columbia
Project Start Date: 
June 1, 2017
Project End Date: 
May 31, 2018
Immunoglobulins (IG) are expensive blood products made from pooled human plasma. In appropriately selected patients IG therapy can be lifesaving. IG therapy is not risk free and serious adverse reactions can occur. Patients must be monitored to confirm efficacy of the product and ensure the right clinical outcomes are achieved. The BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) coordinates the IG Utilization Management Program that includes the centralized screening of Adult Rheumatology and Neuromuscular Neurology IG requests by specialists in their respective fields for appropriate and sustainable use of this blood product. PBCO has now partnered with representatives from the BC Immunology community to develop a standardized provincial IG framework for the appropriate management of Primary Immune Deficiency (PID), modelled based on the successful Rheumatology and Neuromuscular Programs. The project proposes to create the PID Toolkit App, a downloadable mobile app to assist physicians, medical technologists and other healthcare professionals with the diagnosis and treatment of PID. The app will include diagnostic and treatment algorithms as well as dosage and trough level calculators all conveniently located together within one download. The Toolkit will continue to grow as the PID Working Group identifies and develops additional tools/resources.
Total Amount Awarded: 
BloodTechNet Award Program

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