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ACB and MSM - it's not an oxymoron: A research project that explores the importance of ACB people in MSM blood donation research

Principal Investigator / Supervisor: 
DRYDEN, OmiSoore
Co-Investigator(s) / Trainee: 
LEE, Woo Jin Edward
MBUAGBAW, Lawrence
Thorneloe University
Project Start Date: 
September 15, 2017
Project End Date: 
September 14, 2019
In order to effectively address the concerns raised regarding MSM blood deferral, it is necessary to acknowledge the diverse nature of the MSM community in Canada. Specifically, African, Caribbean, and Black men who have sex with men (cisgender and trans) are negatively impacted by a number of questions on the donor questionnaire – questions that prevent them from becoming blood donors. The overall objective of this two (2) year research study is to generate evidence to guide modifications to the current Canadian Blood Services’ donor criteria and questionnaire in order to facilitate greater participation by ACB MSM. Our central operating proposition is that the participation of “low-risk” ACB MSM in blood donation is impeded by exclusionary eligibility criteria and their experiences of the donor questionnaire. We will investigate this proposition through three specific aims (objectives). Aim 1: Identify best predictors of receiving a seronegative HIV test among ACB MSM. Aim 2: Identify the range of factors that influence ACB MSM responses to the donor questionnaire. Aim 3: Improve the gender and cultural appropriateness of the donor questionnaire. The study will be conducted in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto – four cities in Canada with significant and vibrant ACB communities
Total Amount Awarded: 
MSM Research Grant Program

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