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Jade Burke


“If it had not been for the blood that night,
I would not be here today.”

Jade Burke, Richmond, BC

Jade knows firsthand that blood can be needed when you least expect it. A week after giving birth to her daughter Leelou, Jade experienced life-threatening postpartum hemorrhaging and required dozens of units of blood and blood products.

"It was horrific," she recalls. "I was losing blood so fast my body was completely transfused over. That was the scariest night of my life."

After being rushed to hospital, she underwent four different procedures to finally stop the bleeding. Throughout the ordeal, she received bag after bag of blood and blood products to keep her alive.

"It saved my life,” she says. “I know without a doubt that had it not been for the blood given to me that night, I would not be here today."

With a new lease on life, Jade says she and her family realize how important blood donation truly is. Following the ordeal, her husband, Tony, donated blood for the first time in his life and he continues to do so regularly. Jade has also encouraged more than 20 other friends and family members to give.

"I am so incredibly grateful and lucky to have come out of this experience with my full health and a bright future ahead of me."